Biker Walks Away From Insane Crash


What this biker lacks in riding skills he makes up in toughness. Didn't really look like the type of crash you could just walk off.

Dead Man Prank

Funny Prank!

Alligator Attacks Scientist


Idiot Scientist Nearly Gets His Arm Chewed Off by Vicious Alligator Attack.

Most Awesome Skater Bails

This Most Awesome pays tribute to the skater that thinks he can, but really can't. Enjoy these Most Awesome Skater Bails

Motorcycle crashes into a bump stop on the highway


Bastard and an idiot fled the scene of an accident Man taken to hospital with an open fracture of his left leg and arm and brain concussion. Police looking for a car

Bmx Fail Compilation HD

New youtube channel
My channel (papiaani) have been banned for few weeks.
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Fail Compilation April 2012 *paq*

Steeple Chase Barrier Fail