X Games Los Angeles 2012: Bob Burnquist Crash

Bob Burnquist takes a big spill during Skate Big Air practice the day before X Games LA begins.

Milk Challenge Fail


In this video three young geniuses challenge each other to see who can chug a gallon of milk the fastest without throwing up. They throw up. Shocking, we know. Sorry, we knew the suspense was killing you.

Driver Hits Pole And Gets Thrown From Car


This driver is incredibly lucky. We're not sure how someone could not only survive this, but simply walk away. He's either Chuck Norris or Russian

Huge rally crash


Argentine rally driver Nico Diaz had a violent crash in his Ford Fiesta on Rally de Catamarca. Crew is OK

Untamed and Uncut - Double Great White Attack


rare event, an unfortunate surfer gets attacked by not just one, but two sharks at the same time...and lives to tell the tale!

Epic Bmx Fail


Instead of jumping with the bike he jumps without it.