Fell down a waterfall in Thailand


Person was ok but sore for weeks, not right for months. Lucky he somehow avoided hitting his head.

Jumping from the third floor will break your pelvis - Just ask this guy

Idiot chugs a glass of vodka then jumps of the the third floor.
This was the title description "The cracked pelvis is large"

Drinking at work is not a good idea


Afterward negotiations with overseas counterparts(with alcohol) American girl requested access to internet, on the next day guard showed me this video..

Wild Horse Bites Hiker's Hand


Wild Horses Are Wild..

Truck driver hit by shock wave from exploding tire

Around 14:00 today, this car big truck behind me, the left side of the tire explosion, the spot drivers are blown out.In the gas station surveillance video, we see clearly: 13:57 to twelve, this car license Zhejiang j56477 large truck drove into the gas station, parked the car and driver to get off to pay to go. During refueling, the gas station staff found the car on the left tire rupture, so the staff put this situation to tell the driver when the driver approached the view, the hand has not met tire, was fierce blown out.Xue aunt, station staff:You look at the tires this. (Drivers) he said how? See for yourself, said puncture. The result burst. Bang bang, my ears are resonance. Looking back now, afraid of? Of course fear.Was 1:59, the driver came to view tire, bang bang, puncture produced a huge impact, the driver sideways blow two or three meters, on a heavy hit the tanker. Subsequently, the gas station staff immediately dialed 120, the driver sent to Taizhou City Hospital.Lorry driver Mr Chan:Is the impact, to be washed later. Body where uncomfortable? Stomach pain, and no other.Paralanguage: Taizhou City Hospital emergency department physician Wang HuiSpeaking of the tire of the reason, He is embarrassed, he said, can only blame themselves too sloppy, the tires do have a breakdown of marks, out the door did not check.Lorry driver Mr Chan:The tires with the time not too long, and weather relationship.