Urban Ski Rail Nutshot


These skiers try to grind on a rail while wearing their skis. The main problem is that skis can separate.

Skateboard Chain Jump Fail


He landed it...On his face

Drunk Parkour Jump Fail

I guess he felt jumping off the balcony was easier than taking the stairs

Dude On Scooter Faceplants

He didn't just kiss the concrete, he made out with it

Epic BMX Ramp Faceplant

A biker goes over a homemade dirt ramp... it doesn't end well.

Gravel Boarder Crash Into Bushes

Gravel doesn't really make for a very soft landing

Dirt Bike Backflip Double Fail

This guy should thanks his helmet.... twice

Failed Chair Prank

Sometimes the pranker becomes the prankee.

Delivering mail... Russian Style!

Delivering mail... Russian Style!

Drunk College Student Vs Top Bunk


Who knew trying to lay down could be so challenging

Double Back Flip Off Wall Fail

Double Backflip Off Wall Fail.
He can try it again, from his wheelchair this time

Hypno5e - Fail on stage -Temecula,CA

Hypno5e - Fail on stage -Temecula,CA

How Not to Jump Over a Chain


How Not to Jump Over a Chain Fail

Rally car takes wrong turn and takes down marshal


Galway International Rally 2013 : Armagh diffin. Stage 5. Rally crash. Marshal takes it like a champ.

Car Explodes At Gas Propane Station

AMAZING footage! Fuel vapors or what, but the guy inside was fine

Fail Compilation January 2013 *paq*

Fail Compilation January 2013 *paq*