Don't Stand Up On Slides

An idiot slips and slams his head onto a pool side sliding board.

Gymnast Stunt Ends With A Major Fail

A trick ends up going very wrong!

Escalator Helicopter Gone Bad

Man broke the escalator at the mall.
$3700 in fees.

Ice Skater Has A Brutal Faceplant

A seemingly simple jump ends up with a rough landing!

Fail Compilation March 2013 *paq*

Best Fails Of The March 2013 By Papiaani

Skater Falls During A Grind

He got introduced to the pointy end of the step!

Rope Swing Ends With Massive Fail

A tree gets in the way and takes this dude out!

How Not To Do A Wall Flip

He got pretty far for not even having touched the wall!

POV Dirtbike Crash Into Ditch

A first person view of the accident.

720 Backflip Fail

He nails the landing... with his head!

Crazy Beer Pong Dunk

Off the roof, through the table, nothing but cup!

Birthday Flaming Shot Fail

Birthday Flaming Shot Fail

Taking A Bicycle Down The Slide

Not the fail I was expecting

Dash Cam Compilation 8

Dash cam crash compilation 2013 mainly from Russia

Kid Vs Fun House Mirror

Kid Vs Fun House Mirror

Crazy skier attempts a jump but a tree gets in his way

Funny Ski Jump Fail Video

Cool Guy's Fence Jumping Fail

Cool Guy's Fence Jumping Fail

Dash Cam Compilation February 2013 Part 2

Dash Cam Compilation February 2013 Part 2 /// TNT

Best Fails of The Week 1 March 2013

Best Fails of The Week 1 March 2013 -XtR-

Roof Snow Clearing Fail


Fail Or Win?

Woman with fastfood attacks driver in Russia

Woman with fastfood attacks driver in Russia

Extreme Idiots Compilation 2013

Extreme Idiots Compilation 14

Fisherman gets shocked from his own gear fail

A man fishing in a river in the Quang Vinh Loc district, Vietnam, gets more than he expects when reaching for his home made electrical fish stunning gear.
According to reports, his cousin (holding the camera) quickly disconnected the breaker saving the man from death. The fisherman suffered severely burnt hands in the incident.

Firefighters Massive Ladder Fail

Firefighter was extremely lucky considering he was holding a saw

Girl Climbing A Fence Fail

A chick at a concert accidentally gives herself an atomic wedgie

CCTV : Burglar falls through roof and knocks himself out cold

A burglar, who robbed a small convenience store, tries to make his escape via the buildings roof space. He lost his footing and fell through the roof knocking himself out. A few minutes later he regains conciousness and makes his escape through a back door.
The 26 year old man was arrested the following day. Araraquara, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

How To Completely Ruin Your Balls On A Balance Beam

Ouch. One of the more painful nut shots I've seen